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Better Environmentally Responsible Power Generation Business

Hydro-powered generators utilizes the input energy of high pressured flowing water to rotate its turbines in order to produce electricity needing flow rates per second. Hydro-Powered generators are stationary and are limited to availability of natural resources in order to attain sufficient high water flow rates able to rotate its turbines. For this reason there is no Portable Hydro-Power generators in the market till today. Existing water pumps have flow rates measured in hours and minutes that would need much larger amount of input power to achieve less output power
e.g. 119 m3 in an hour, input power required is 80 kW and pressure is 20 bar (200 m/height)

Previous hydro-power generator formula is;

P= m X g x H net x n

P = 119 m3 x 1000 =119000 l

P= 119000 / 60 = 1983.333 flow rate in Min

P = 1983.333 /60 = 33.055 flow rate in sec

P = 33.055 x 9.81 x 200 / k = 64.853

For this reason electricity is not produced with today’s existing pumps.

HYZ Energy have developed improvements in the Technology of Hydro-Powered Generation resulting in a portable power generator new to the market. HYZ Energy HYDROCELL Portable Generators. With over twenty years’ experience and more than four consecutive years of research, development and testing, we have successfully built HYDROCELL. HYDROCELL clean power is now ready to be used in any location globally.

  • HYZ Energy can produce portable generators to power stations producing electrical power from 10 kW-600 megawatt.

  • Initial outsource power needed is only 5 % and is only used during the start-up phase. [renewable energy]

  • Small engine, DC batteries, solar-powered panels can be used for the initial 5% input.

  • HYZ Energy HYDROCELL is built for long life clean service like solar panels, wind turbines and Hydro-Powered dams, e.g.; 20 - 27 years working.

  • HYZ Energy HYDROCELL can run 24/7 uninterrupted.

  • Yearly and monthly maintenance cost is very less.

  • Future, spare parts and maintenance will be provided by us.

  • Production cost is less than current and previous generators.

  • Dimension of this generator are similar to other generators with the exception of height. The height will be 20 % more to accommodate water storage.

  • Daily and weekly maintenance or check-up are not required.

  • Material for building HYZ Energy HYDROCELL generators are readily available.

  • We have done all the business studies.

  • We have all approvals and documents ready.

  • A load bank test will be provided with each generator supplied.

  • Our patent is officially registered with WIPO, EPCT in 185 countries.

  • We are ready to answer any questions and provide any supporting data and test results.

  • Product’s formula with supporting data  will be supplied on completion of contract

  • HYZ Energy HYDROCELL is Carbon neutral. (Environmentally Friendly) 

  • HYZ Energy HYDROCELL can also provide high pressured water flow for various applications.

Financial Example
Price of 1,000 KW of Renewable Electricity in the market is 1,250,000 USD but we are going to sell our 1,000 KW of Renewable Electricity for 800,000.00 USD [2,912,000.00 QAR]
So that the invested money will be recovered within a year.

HYDROCELL is a Game Changer in the Power Generation Market. Bringing Business Strategy to a new level Expanding into Untapped Markets. 

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