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700 KW

  • Hydro-Powered generator is a generator which needs high pressured flowing water dropped on it turbine to make them rotate and produce electricity but they need flow rate in sec.

    It needs natural resources, but they havent built a portable Hydro-Powered Generator because of lack of such pumps which have flow rate in sec the ones existing have flow rate in hours and Min, but if their flow rate is converted into sec the flow rate turns out very low and it also takes a large amount of input power and give very less output power.

    e.g; 119 m3 in hour, input power required is 80 kw and pressure is 20 bar ( 200 m/height )

    Previous hydro-power generator formula is ;

    P= m X g x H net  x n

    P = 119 m3 x 1000 =119000 l

    P= 119000 / 60 = 1983.333 flow rate in Min

    P = 1983.333 /60 = 33.055flow rate in sec

    P = 33.055 x 9.81 x 200 / k = 64.853

     That is why the we cannot produce electricity through previous water pumps.

    HYZ have given an improvement in the Technology of Hydro-Powered generator as it is now portable because of our continues hard work for more than 20 years and more more than four consecutive years of experiments with more than thousands of mechanical changes we have successfully built it with all the formulas, drawings and mechanical data we have accomplished it it Is ready to run all over the world at any place.

    1. We can make generators and power stations to produce electricity from 10 kw-600 mega watt.
    2. Input power from outsource is only 5 % this 5% is only for start-up purpose [ renewable energy ]
    3. We can fix small engine, DC batteries, solar powered panels for the 5% input.
    4. Our machinery is long life just like solar panels, wind turbines and Hydro-Powered dams, e.g; 20 - 27 years working.
    5. It can run 24/7 with out any break period.
    6. This machines yearly and monthly maintenance cost is very less.
    7. In future its spare parts and maintenance will be provided by us.
    8. Cost of production is less than our previous generators cost.
    9. Size of this generator will be same as the other generators except for the height will be 20 % more because of water storage.
    10. No daily and weekly maintenance or check-up required.
    11. Material for building this generator is easily available.
    12. We have done all business study.
    13. We have all the approvals and documents ready.
    14. Load bank test will be provided with the selling of each generator.
    15. Our patent is regathered with WIPO, EPCT and also in 185 countries.
    16. We are ready to answer and prove any mechanical scientist or any expert in this field.
    17. We will provide products formula with proof, but only when the contract will be finalized.
    18. This machine doesn’t excrete any harmful gasses of toxic wastes.
    19. This machine will also provide line to fire fighters for high pressured water flow, in future we will give supply of our high pressurized water pumps to civil defence department and to other water pump companies. We are able to produce artificial rain with the HYZ pump for climate control  

    Financial Example

    For 1000 KW it takes 320 Litre diesel per hour and 1 Litre diesel cost is 2 QR

    So: 320 x 2 =640QR per hour x 24 hours =15,360QR in a day

    And 15,360 x 30 = 4,608,00 QR in a month

    And 4,60,800 x 12 = 5,529,600 QR in a year.

    Price of 1,000 KW of renewable electricity in the market is 1,250,000 USD but we are going to sell our 1,000 KW of renewable electricity for 800,000 USD [ 2920000 QR ]

    So that the invested money will be restored within a year.

    Qatar electricity department also known as Kahramaa has a production cost of 0.15 QR per KW from approximately every source so for 1000 KW of electricity they spend 150 QR per hour, 3,600 QR per Day, 108,000 per Month, 1,296,000 per year.

    This might seem like a piece of machinery but it is a piece that will change the world current business strategy to a whole new level.

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